How to Wash Burlap Fabric?

🌟How to wash burlap fabric? Here are a few tips!
👉First of all, be gentle when washing linen fabrics. Rubbing is better than twisting. Don’t use a hard brush!
Secondly, burlap fabrics are relatively resistant to alkaline detergents. Using detergents containing cellulase can make them smoother and softer, and can also remove stains and whiten them! 👕
Don’t forget, burlap fabrics are not very heat-resistant, so the water temperature should not exceed 40°C when washing, otherwise the color may fade! 🌡️
The best washing time is 10 to 15 minutes, don’t soak it for a long time!
Finally, soak thoroughly and evenly when rinsing, because the fiber structure of burlap fabric is a bit hard! After washing and dehydrating, just hang it to dry in the same way as cotton fabrics! 🌤️

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